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Kate Winslet fucked hard in the laundry room

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

Kate Winslet is known for her female characters that exude sexuality from their very pores.  The world knows that this talented actress is not like any other star who bares her body for the big screen with hopes that her show of skin would lead to a bigger pay check.  No, Kate knows how to act and she’s willing to reveal everything for the sake of the movie.  Whatever.  But there’s no denying that Kate has a hot body and she knows how to bring sexual intensity to every nude or sex scene she’s done over the years.  And the clips I included with this post show her “acting” talent.  Now check out these hot video clips from the movie “Little Children”.  She gets fucked hard in this scene at the laundry room and she manages to bring the scene to life like it was the real thing.  Kate Winslet is very delicious in this scene and you just have to see for yourself.  So go ahead and click the thumbs to watch the clips and if you like what you see and want more of this hot Brit celebrity, then just visit  Feel free to browse through our collection of Kate Winslet nude images and videos and satisfy the urge you feel down there.