Kate Winslet’s pussy licked in lesbian action

April 30th, 2010 by english rose

We all know what an amazing actress Kate Winslet is. Titanic was too heavy for my taste but she made me sit my ass all throughout the movie. What can I say, she had my at “…draw me wearing this…only this.” I mean holy shiznit man! Kate Winslet tits are the reason why guys watched that movie. Let’s face it, without tits men are prone to boredom easily. Our minds are not designed to process dramatic scenes and heartbreaking sequences like in that Titanic movie. Directors know the deal and they should thank Kate Winslet for having such an amazing rack it won them Oscar awards.

Enough of that. Let’s proceed to what really is important which is Kate Winslet’s naked pics. Her body alone sends my dick as stiff as a 7-day old corpse in a morge but what better way to put things more lively than these pics of Kate Winslet’s pussy licked by a blonde chick. More of Kate Winslet’s hardcore pics showing her getting down in dirty lesbian action over here.

Kate Winslet fucked hard in the laundry room

July 27th, 2008 by english rose

Kate Winslet is known for her female characters that exude sexuality from their very pores.  The world knows that this talented actress is not like any other star who bares her body for the big screen with hopes that her show of skin would lead to a bigger pay check.  No, Kate knows how to act and she’s willing to reveal everything for the sake of the movie.  Whatever.  But there’s no denying that Kate has a hot body and she knows how to bring sexual intensity to every nude or sex scene she’s done over the years.  And the clips I included with this post show her “acting” talent.  Now check out these hot video clips from the movie “Little Children”.  She gets fucked hard in this scene at the laundry room and she manages to bring the scene to life like it was the real thing.  Kate Winslet is very delicious in this scene and you just have to see for yourself.  So go ahead and click the thumbs to watch the clips and if you like what you see and want more of this hot Brit celebrity, then just visit www.katewinsletnude.net.  Feel free to browse through our collection of Kate Winslet nude images and videos and satisfy the urge you feel down there.

Kate Winslet takes erotica to another level in “Holy Smoke!”

July 24th, 2008 by english rose

In the critically-acclaimed movie “Holy Smoke!”, Kate Winslet stars as Ruth Barron, a woman who has a spiritual awakening during a trip to India.  Her parents concoct a wild charade to bring her back to her senses and return home.  During the subsequent events in the movie, Kate’s character runs into an American exit counselor who deprograms members of religious cults.  In the process of challenging her faith, he finds himself sexually attracted to Ruth and there begins an erotic journey between the two characters.  Kate and Harvey Keitel (who plays the counselor) have an onscreen sexual rapport that brings a new level of cinematic erotica to the viewers.  Once again, Kate exudes her sexuality intensely and she shows that she can still act sans clothing.  View this talented actress’ hot nude scene by clicking on the clip available below.  And if this clip is not enough, then simply follow the link here and get more nude images and movies of Kate Winslet.

A small gallery of Kate Winslet sexy images

July 24th, 2008 by english rose

This post is a very small tribute to the beautiful actress Kate Winslet.  She is the rare combination of beauty and talent that most actresses lack nowadays.  She brings a certain kind of class whenever she appears on the big screen.  She also has the ability to play very diverse roles in her movies and she is actually known for it, garnering awards and nominations for her performances constantly.  Here is a small gallery of Kate Winslet images to sate your hunger for this actress in the meantime.  Get the full-sized pictures by clicking on the thumbs below.  Then check out the other stuff we have to offer you by clicking on this link – www.katewinsletnude.net.  Get the images and videos you’ve been searching for right now!

The famous nude scene showcased in the movie “Titanic”

July 24th, 2008 by english rose

With the movie, Kate Winslet got a taste of the big-budget films that are so common in Hollywood.  The mainstream movie went on to become the highest-grossing movie of all time with Kate Winslet getting another Oscar nomination for her performance.  Check out the famous scene below where Kate sheds her clothes and lies down on the couch so that Leonardo’s character can sketch her beautiful nude profile.

Again, the scene was done in good taste, making the audience feel more intimate with the two lovers and their doomed romance.  Check out Kate’s fantastic breasts by clicking on the clip.  No wonder Leonardo is still close friends with his co-star.  With breasts like that, I won’t mind getting close with Kate myself!  Get more nude images and videos of this beautiful actress by simply clicking here.

Frontal nudity is a piece of cake with Kate Winslet

July 24th, 2008 by english rose

In the movie “Jude”, Kate Winslet has a scene that features her in full frontal nudity.  The British lass has no qualms shooting this kind of movie scene since it is essential to the script and definitely makes the film work.  In this scene from the movie, Kate is fully nude, with the audience having a clear view of her full breasts and crotch as she lies on the bed waiting for her lover.  They also make love in this scene.  The movie itself as well as Kate’s performance earned critical reviews and cemented her status as one of the most talented up and coming stars on the big screen during that time.  If you want more Kate Winslet Nude images and movies, then simply click on the link to be redirected to the best online resource you will find on the web today.